Subtraction Placement PDF

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Student Placement Assessment worksheets are located at the end of each Assessment Guide

Beginning subtraction is found in Patterns in Arithmetic:  Book 1 and Book 2 which covers the curriculum for six to seven-year-old students (first and second grades).  These composite books teach basic concepts and number sentences for addition and subtraction.  Book 2 teaches the principles of regrouping (carrying) in addition.

Booklet 3 - General Principles of Regrouping (Borrowing)

Designed for  seven to nine-year-old students (third grade) who have never had formal instruction in regrouping (borrowing) in subtraction.

Prerequisite: Know regrouping (carrying) in addition

This booklet:

  • uses manipulatives for concept development.
  • teaches several strategies for doing subtraction with multiple methods of breaking up larger numbers and regrouping them for subtraction 
  • the standard procedure in expanded and short notation formats. 
  • generally results in strong understanding of regrouping.

Booklet 4 - Large Numbers and Practice

Designed for eight to ten-year-old  students (fourth grade) who have had formal instruction in regrouping in subtraction.

Prerequisite: Booklet 3 - Subtraction or previous instruction in regrouping

This booklet:

  • reviews regrouping, reinforcing the mechanics of standard Base Ten Subtraction and provides practice to develop fluency.

Base Ten Subtraction - Chrysalis Charter School

Designed for seven to ten-year-old students (third and fourth grade) who have never had formal instruction in regrouping (borrowing) in subtraction or those who need reteaching.

Prerequisite:  knowing regrouping (carrying) in addition

This booklet:

  • is an alternative to Subtraction Booklet 3.  
  • is easier and uses only Base Ten regrouping in the format that many people were taught
  • is used for slower learners or special education students, or students who need basic reteaching or for students for whom Subtraction:  Booklet 3 is too difficult.

Answer Keys for Subtraction Placement Assessments are at the end of the Assessment Guide.