Addition Placement PDFs

Click on the title to download the free PDF to determine which addition booklet is the right one for your student(s). 

These are a downloadable PDFs for you to print.

Addition: Booklet 1 - Beginning Addition for first grade or six-year-olds. Addition:  Booklet 1 Evaluation

Addition : Booklet 2 - Beginning Regrouping for second grade or seven-year-olds. Addition:  Booklet 2 Evaluation

Addition:  Booklet 3 - Regrouping Into Four Digits Click on the title to download this free Basic Skills Placement PDF 

Student Placement Assessment worksheets are located at the end of the Assessment Guide.

Designed for seven to nine-year-old students (third grade) who have never had formal instruction in regrouping in addition.

This booklet:

  • uses manipulatives for concept development.
  • teaches several strategies for doing addition with multiple methods of breaking up larger numbers and regrouping them for addition 
  • the standard procedure in expanded and short notation formats. 
  • generally results in strong understanding of regrouping.