Division Placement PDF

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Division Booklets

Booklet 1- Basic Concepts

Designed for seven to nine-year-old students (third grade) who have never had formal instruction in division number sentences.

Prerequisite: Multiplication Booklet 1

Booklet 2 - Breaking Up Division

Designed for nine and ten-year-old students

Prerequisite: Division: Booklet 1 or previous instruction in division number sentences and multiplication tables required.

This booklet:

  • begins with the basics of how the Distributive Property of Multiplication allows the division of longer numbers, e.g., 1457 ÷ 3 by breaking the numbers into smaller units in order to divide.  
  • uses area models to visualize division problems.

Booklet 3 - Working with Double Digit Division

Designed for ten and eleven-year-old students (fifth and sixth grade)

Prerequisite: Booklet 2 or Base Ten Division or previous instruction single digit division

This booklet

  • teaches mechanics of decimal remainders and division with double digit divisors, e.g., 1456 ÷ 23.

Base Ten Division - Chrysalis Charter School

Designed for ten and eleven-year-old students (fourth and fifth grade)

Prerequisite:  Division Booklet 1

This booklet:

  • is a replacement unit for Division:  Booklet 2 for students who need to use Base Ten Blocks to do division instead of the more complex methods taught in Division 2: Booklet 2.  
  • does not require as much fluency with multiplication tables and is easier than Division 2: Booklet 2.