Publisher of elementary mathematics books.  We use multi-sensory approaches to educate with an inquiry, constructivist style of teaching.  These books are about how to think mathematically using a variety of approaches that encourage creativity and discovery of the beauty of numbers.

Patterns in Arithmetic is a series of books and booklets for home school and classroom teachers.  A child’s innate love of learning is encouraged through hands-on exploration, discovery, inventions, and the creation of models. Children learn about arithmetic by building models, looking for patterns, playing games, making generalizations, and recording discoveries in ways that make sense to them at their own individual pace. These books are a collection of lessons that will help parents, teachers, and students become better mathematicians and to have students learn to think as mathematicians think.

These books lay a foundation of understanding and encourages all learners to:

  • make up their own problems
  • estimate and predict
  • look for and discover patterns
  • develop flexibility in thinking
  • verify and prove answers
  • pursue their own creative mathematical investigations