General Math (enrichment)

The Parent/Teacher Guide has complete instructions on how to teach this math program.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.  Both are needed for a complete program.

General Math:  Booklet 1 - Beginning Patterns, Logic, and Problem Solving - Grade 1

General Math:  Booklet 2 - Patterns, Logic, and Problem Solving - Grade 2

General Math:  Booklet 3 - Place Value, Measurement, and  Geometry - Grade 3 download sample pages

General Math:  Booklet 4 - Patterns and Algebraic Thinking - Grade 4 download sample pages

General Math:  Booklet 5 - Geometric Formulas, Linear Functions, and Division  Relationships - Grade 5  

General Math:  Booklet 6 - Geometry of Circles, Algebraic Properties, and More Functions - Grade 5 

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