Fractions Booklets 1 and 2 Placement PDF

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Fractions Booklets 1 and 2

Student Placement Assessment worksheets are located at the end of each Assessment Guide

Booklet 1 - Basic Concepts

This booklet is for seven to nine-year-old students (third grade).

Prerequisite: Free Explorations with Fraction Manipulative and Pattern Blocks

This booklet: 

  • works with concrete models to teach what a fraction is, how to read and write fraction notation, and begins equivalent fractions all using a student made booklet.

Booklet 2 - Developing Concepts and Beginning Operations

This booklet is designed for eight to ten-year-old students (fourth grade).

Prerequisite: Fractions:  Booklet 1 or previous instruction in basic fractions

This booklet:

  • works more deeply on the concept of a fraction and its relationship to the whole and that the definition of the whole can change.  
  • develops procedures for adding and subtracting like fractions and multiplication of a fraction by a whole number.

Answer Keys for Fractions: Booklet 1 and 2 Placement Assessments are at the end of the Assessment Guide.  

Fractions:  Booklets 1 and 2