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Grades 1-5 -- Comprehensive Math curriculum, including accessories, where needed, such as a 51-piece set of plastic manipulatives to teach fractions and paper with colored images that correspond to the plastic pieces.

By Emerson Sandow

I have read that some of the greatest chess champions in history see patterns on the board throughout the game and respond accordingly and this is one of the main reasons they are so successful. Pattern Press has a similar, unique approach to teaching math to elementary age children – showing patterns in math. They believe that how one teaches is just as important as what one teaches and they strive to show patterns that enable the student to think mathematically and connect what is learned to the real world.

The Pattern Press series consists of plain paper booklets of 36 to 72 pages, with at least two volumes (Student Workbook and Parent/Teacher Guide) devoted to the mathematical actions of: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions, plus extra volumes to supplement some of the basic booklets (i.e. Regrouping for Multiplication). Each section begins with an Assessment Guide that gives the parent various simple tasks to illustrate the child’s existing knowledge. Then the Guide provides guidance for proceeding along the learning curve to mastery. The course includes modeling, playing games and a variety of multisensory activities to really make math come alive.

The Subtraction section offers the Circle Math concept developed by retired Professor at University of California, Irvine (UCI), Michael Butler, and used at the UCI Farm School. The Subtraction section consists of 10 volumes, including: Introduction to Subtraction, General Principles of Regrouping (borrowing), Subtraction with Manipulatives, etc.

Pattern Press offers a math curriculum to students from Grade 1 to 5 and also some volumes for Special Ed students’ needs, to enable the homeschooling parent to teach his/her child (and him/herself) with surety that the student will have a thorough grounding, understanding and skill development in all aspects of elementary math, upon which to build the higher math later. Please visit their website to see their complete (extensive) line of reasonably-priced math-instruction products, ES 

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