Fourth Grade

The Parent/Teacher Guide has complete instructions on how to teach this math program.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages. Both are needed for a complete program and are included when this set is ordered.

This mathematics program aims to teach students and their teachers to think like mathematicians, not just memorize some of the things that mathematicians have found out.  Students "do" mathematics from the beginning, so there is an emphasis on inquiry and discovery, on invention, and on learning what genuine understanding feels like and how to achieve it. 

In this math series students create their own methods for solving arithmetic problems.  They use concrete materials to build and prove their answer.  Then they are asked to solve it a different way and to verify that answer. The goal is understanding: knowing what it feels like when one understands (which often is accomplished through  "Aha"  flashes of insight);  knowing what it feels like when one does not understand and what to do then;  learning perseverance and how to push through feelings of uncertainty and frustration.

Learners create, routinely look for, and discover patterns in numbers, shapes, the sky, the world.   They invent problems for themselves and others, estimate, predict, and look for answers that make sense; they develop heuristics (practices that help them solve problems, e.g., draw a picture), and look for relationships (the more the more).

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General Organization - Grades 4 and 5 (free)

Fractions Tool Chest (free)

Subtraction:  Booklet 4 - Large Numbers and Practice 

Multiplication:  Booklet 2 - Beginning Long Multiplication and Basics of Distribution

Expanded Tables Flip Book (needed for multiplication and division)

Multiplication:  Booklet 3 - Properties and Factoring

Division:  Booklet 1 - Basic Concepts 

Division:  Booklet 2 - Breaking Up Division*

General Math:  Booklet 4 - Patterns and Algebraic Thinking

Place Value:  Booklet 2 - Rounding Off and Estimating 

Place Value:  Booklet 3 - Into the Millions, Exponential Notation, 

and Operations Review

Fractions:  Booklet 2 - Developing Concepts and Beginning Operations

Fractions:  Booklet 3 - Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Prism Fractions Plastic Circles and Prism Fractions Paper Set

*may substitute Chrysalis Charter School:  Base Ten Division (special education students)