The Parent/Teacher Guide has complete instructions on how to teach this math program.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.  Both are needed for a complete program.

Our division booklets make learning division easier and teaches division in a more fundamental way than other math programs. 

Division:  Booklet 1 - Basic Concepts - Grade 3 A fun, manipulative approach to beginning division.

Division:  Booklet 2 - Breaking Up Division - Grade 4

Long division is a difficult operation to master. Students build and solve division problems multiple ways instead of memorizing a single way to do a division problem, which usually makes no sense to most students. Students are asked to look for patterns that will lead them to find better and easier ways to solve longer and longer problems.  And, yes, they do eventually learn the standard procedure.  They might record it in a different way or solve it in a different order.  These booklets work for all learners.

Chrysalis Charter School:  Base Ten Division - Grade 4

Division:  Booklet 3 - Working with Double Digit Division - Grade 5

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