The Parent/Teacher Guide has complete instructions on how to teach this math program.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages. Both are needed for a complete program.

Addition is an important place to begin the journey of loving math.

  • The lessons start with play and free exploration.
  • Addition is introduced with blocks, every day objects, or a game. Then we discuss it, build it, and verify their understanding.   With practice they own the knowledge. They begin to learn to think like mathematicians.
  • Recording helps the student link the real world concrete objects to abstract symbols (numbers). 
  • Confidence is built with games and practice.
  • Memorizing the recipe for how to carry does not result in understanding of the basic concepts of regrouping.  The Patterns in Arithmetic series teaches for understanding.  The student constructs understanding through experience, not being told "how to do" the problems.
  • Circle Math is our unique way to teach addition and regrouping.  It is the process of breaking up a large problem into many small problems, solving each small problem, and adding the results.
  • The student is guided to find patterns and generalize those patterns in to working knowledge of how procedures work and why they work that way.
  • Parents are guided though a series of lessons that give sample dialogues that a teacher might have with a student who is learning.

          Patterns In Arithmetic:

Grade 1:  Book 1 - Beginning Addition with a hands on approach and Circle Math

Grade 2:  Book 2 - Discovering Regrouping

Addition:  Booklet 3 - Regrouping (carrying) into Four Digits - Grade 3 

    Continues Regrouping into Four Digits

    Gus the Bus Driver - Word Problems

    Families of Facts

    Missing Numbers 

    Patterns in Sums:  Column Addition 

    Circle Math:  Equality - discovering the Commutative Property

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