Grade 3 Booklets

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Includes Parent/Teacher Guide and a Student Workbook for each booklet below

General Organization - Grade 3 - free

Fractions Tool Chest - free

Addition:  Booklet 3 - Regrouping (carrying) into Four Digits)

Subtraction:  Booklet 3 - General Principles of Regrouping (borrowing)* 

Multiplication:  Booklet 1 - Basic Concepts

Division:  Booklet 1- Basic Concepts

General Math:  Booklet 3 - Place Value, Measurement, and  Geometry

Place Value:  Booklet 2 - Rounding Off and Estimating

Fractions:  Booklet 1 - Basic Concepts

Prism Fractions Plastic Set and Prism Fractions Paper Set