General Math: Booklet 5 - Student Workbook

General Math:  Booklet 5 - Geometric Formulas, Linear Functions, and Division Relationships   69 pages - stapled booklet

The Parent/Teacher Guide has instructions on how to teach the lessons, sample dialogues, games, and the Answer Key.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.   We highly recommended that you order both for a complete package. 

Click this title to download General Organization Grades 4 & 5 - a free PDF you print.

Goldbach's Conjecture

Prime Factors:  Review

Rainbow Rectangles     

Area and Perimeter - Logic Puzzle 

Associative Blocks 

Finding Composite Factors from Prime Factors 

Prime Factors Meet the Associative Property 

Area and Perimeter:  Rat Cage Problems

Averaging:  Manipulative 

Relationships:  Division

Number Patterns:  Functions

Internal Angles of Triangles

Area of Triangles

Triangle City Art Project

Area and Perimeter:  Parallelograms

General Organization 4 & 5 includes:  Foreword by Professor Michael Butler, Introduction, Farm School Math Notes, Teaching Techniques, Arithmetic Conventions, Math Journal, Grading and Dialogues, Sequence Guides, Lesson Planning, Materials, Resources, Base Ten Materials, and Series Overview.