Multiplication 3 PDF - Student & Teacher

The Parent/Teacher Guide has instructions on how to teach the lessons, sample dialogues, games, and the Answer Key.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages, which make a complete package.

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Circle Math is our unique way to teach all operations.  It is the process of breaking up a large problem into many small problems, solving each small problem, and adding the results.

In multiplication the guiding rule for breaking up large numbers to multiply is the Distributive Property.  This book uses colorful drawings and blocks to teach this very important property.  Understanding the Distributive Property of Multiplication is fundamental to algebra.  Not understanding it is one of the major reasons students fail in algebra. By using our math program, student will not only be able to solve large multiplication problems, they will understand how the general idea works.  They will then be able to apply it to the general algebraic form later.

Student Assessment

Introduction to Factoring

Number Lines

Commutative and Associative Property 

Area Puzzle 

Using Parentheses 

Discovering Prime Numbers


Prime Factoring and Multiplying Factors

Factoring into Tens

Post Assessment

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