Subtraction: Booklet 1 - Student Workbook

Subtraction:  Booklet 1 - Student Workbook - Beginning Subtraction

Student Workbook 40 pages - stapled booklet

 The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.

This unique approach to subtraction was developed by Prof. Emeritus Michael Butler at the world renowned UCI Farm Elementary School.

  • The Patterns in Arithmetic series teaches for understanding using a discovery and inductive approach.
  • Subtraction starts by creating stories with edible manipulatives and recording these stories in ways that make sense to the student. Concrete objects represent the edible pieces and are recorded with numbers. leading to standard subtraction formats, e.g., 8 - 6 =  2 and 8                                                                                                                          -6

Student Evaluation

Fishy Game and Story Problems

Recording:  Representational and Recording:  Representational with Number Sentences


Answer Key is in the Parent/Teacher Guide