Book 1 - Teacher Guide

The Parent/Teacher Guide has instructions on how to teach the lessons, sample dialogues, games, and the Answer Key.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.   We highly recommended that you order both for a complete package.

Students learn about addition, subtraction, patterns, place value, and logic, and are introduced to multiplication, division, and fractions by building models, looking for patterns, playing games, making generalizations, and recording discoveries in ways that make sense to them. First grade or six-year-old students.

This guide includes:

  • Evaluation to find out what the student knows and doesn't know
  • Lessons for all of the student pages
  • Scope and Sequence Guide for a year
  • Materials and resources
  • Answer Key for the Student Workbook
  • Unique teaching philosophy of the UCI Farm Elementary School

 170 pages - spiral bound