Base Ten Division - Student Workbook

Division with Base Ten manipulatives  - 85 pages - stapled booklet  

The Parent/Teacher Guide has instructions on how to teach the lessons, sample dialogues, games, and the Answer Key.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages.   We highly recommended that you order both for a complete package. Click this title to download General Organization Grades 4 & 5 - a free PDF you print.

This is a replacement unit for Division: Booklet 2 for students who need to use Base Ten Blocks to learn division instead of the more complex methods taught in Division:  Booklet 2.  This booklet does not require as much fluency with the multiplication tables and is easier than Division: Booklet 2.  

Base Ten division with manipulatives

Assessments and Assessment Guide

Introduction and explanation of two types of division prioblems

Number Sentence:  Divvy-Up Method 

Sharing Cookies in the House   

Missing Numbers 

Sharing with Base Ten Blocks and Grouping Strips

Two Digit Base Ten Shading and Recording with Trades

Multistep Subtraction and Division Word Problems

Three Digit Base Ten Shading and Recording with Trades

Four Digit Base Ten Shading and Rrecording


General Organization 4 & 5 includes:  Foreword by Professor Michael Butler, Introduction, Farm School Math Notes, Teaching Techniques, Arithmetic Conventions, Math Journal, Grading and Dialogues, Sequence Guides, Lesson Planning, Materials, Resources, Base Ten Materials, and Series Overview.