Great Homeschool Conventions

June 16th - 18, 2016  Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California

Author of Patterns in Arithmetic series, Alysia Krafel, is giving a workshop on fractions. Friday, June 17, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Play to Learn:  Beginning Fractions
Our hands-on workshop begins with the natural place to start fractions, In the Kitchen. Next, using our beautiful, plastic fraction circle manipulatives, students make their own book called My Fractions Book in which the students develop a sense of the important topics and processes in beginning fractions.   Lastly the addition of fractions is taught in an inquiry style with manipulatives so the students discover the algorithm. Learn fractions yourself, and then teach it to your child step-by-step. Resources are provided. All lessons come from Patterns in Arithmetic: Fractions - Booklets 1 and 2.

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