Although the Farm School Math Program, Patterns in Arithmetic, was  developed before “Common Core” and other current states curriculum mandates, there are lessons that correlate with specific standards. Our math series fulfills some of the Common Core Standards.   Our math series fulfills some of the Common Core Standards.  Teachers have told us they are having a difficult time finding materials to fulfill some requirements.  Our unique approach has lessons that accomplish this.  Individual booklets can be used as a supplement.  Below are listed the standards a booklet covers.                                                                      Patterns in Arithmetic:  Place Value - Booklet 2 Rounding Off and Estimating

          Topic                                   Page       Common Core Standard

Place Value:  Six Digits                9 - 13            4 NBT  A 2

Rounding Off: Tens                      14                 4 NBT  A 3

Rounding Large Numbers            15 - 12         4 NBT  A 3

Estimating:  Addition                    22                4 NBT  A 3

Speed Test:  Addition                   23                4 NBT  A 4

Circle Math:  Review                    24 - 29         4 NBT  A 4

Practice                                        30                4 NBT  A 4

Column Addition                          31 - 33         4 NBT  A 4