Although the Farm School Math Program, Patterns in Arithmetic, developed before "Common Core" and other current states curriculum mandates, there are lessons that correlate with specific standards. Our math series fulfills some of the Common Core Standards. Below are listed the standards a booklet covers.

Patterns in Arithmetic:  Fractions - Booklet 7 Addition and Subtraction of Unlike Fractions - Student Workbook pages

Topic                                                                                   Page       Common Core Standard    

Addition of Unlike Fractions:  Manipulative                          4 - 9       Entire booklet 5 NFA 1

Addition of Unlike Fractions:  Recording                            10 - 13            

Subtraction of Unlike Fractions:  Recording                       14 - 17      

Common Denominators with Graph Paper                         20      

Least Common Multiples                                                    23 - 28      

Fraction Card Game                                                            29 - 37      

Working with Mixed Numbers                                             38 - 44