Base Ten Subtraction PDF - Student & Teacher

The Parent/Teacher Guide has instructions on how to teach the lessons, sample dialogues, games, and the Answer Key.  The Student Workbook has worksheets and practice pages, which make a complete package.

To download click Add to Cart for Chrysalis Charter School:  Base Ten Subtraction PDF - Student Workbook, a 68 page downloadable PDF you to print. 

Click this title to download Base Ten Subtraction PDF - Parent/Teacher Guide.  This booklet is included in the price.

Regrouping (borrowing) with Base Ten Manipulatives

Student Assessment

Regrouping:  Teacher Instructions     

Tens and Ones:  Manipulative, Recording, Expanded Notation

Covering as a Strategy

Trading Tens and Ones

Standard Regrouping:  Short Way

Families of Fact 

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones:  Manipulative

Standard Regrouping with Hundreds 

Word Problems 

Post Assessment

Click this title for a free downloadable PDF - General Organization Grades 4 & 5 PDF.  Includes:  Foreword by Professor Michael Butler, Introduction, Farm School Math Notes, Teaching Techniques, Arithmetic Conventions, Series Overview, Math Journal, Grading, Sequence Guide, and Materials and Resources.